This year I resolve to leave my baggage behind. You know, the stuff transported from one year to the next year to the next. The burden that escalates bitterness, weariness, and frankly, creates paralysis of life. I want to thrive.

Not just cope or muddle through.


I’m declaring an end to the drudgery of dragging, heaving, and pulling bags of oppression into a new year:

the duffle of discouragement,

a satchel of sadness,

the trunk of fear;

among other shapes and sizes of suitcase finery.

The kind of baggage that hinders instead of helps in this journey of life. I didn’t realize they had piled so high and accompanied me across the threshold of each new year.

Until this year.

When I began to contemplate that annual dilemma of what to give up or add to my life on January 1.

This year I commit to foundational transformation.

This year I’m dropping my luggage. Leaving it in a pile.

I choose to skip into the new year swinging a carry-on packed with hope, forgiveness, love, joy, and laughter. Loads of laughter.

Won’t you join me?