Perennial Hope

Every spring, the daffodils (or daffys, as a New Zealand friend calls them) astound me. They return each year to greet me with their sunny dispositions.

First, their green shoots peek through the grey, sleepy soil. The glimpse of green is always an unexpected sign of hope in the midst of a chilly, bare-treed scene.

Often, they must bravely break through layers of snow and ice on their freedom journey to fresh air.

Once they reach their full height the green stalks bravely stand together for several days and then, overnight, the yellow blooms burst forth like little trumpets heralding the promise of warmer weather and abundant sunshine.

Heart Reality

Daffys usually show themselves around Valentine’s Day, representing loving warmth of this cultural observance and celebration.

For many in the singleness holding pattern of life, Valentine’s Day can be the most dreaded day of the year.

Two friends and I were recently discussing our individual journeys through singlehood. As we talked, I reflected on the many years I was single and mistakenly thought I really had no purpose unless I was married. During that time, part of me felt as if I was on hold for truly meaningful life events.

The three of us shared our stories of breaking through that shackled mindset.

Thankfully, friends and God-given realizations pushed that idea out of my head long ago; however, it was a very real struggle for a long time.

Joy-Filled Singleness

If you are single this Valentine’s weekend/Day, call up a friend and go spend time doing something fun – a play, museum, concert, or outdoor activity.

  • Reach out to someone who is alone this Valentine’s. Deliver a basket of flowers to an elderly person whose spouse died years ago.
  • Call a friend you haven’t heard from in a while.
  • Take a language or cooking class.
  • Learn a new fun dance or workout.
  • Take a strengths or giftedness assessment and go serve others with your talent.

Your current state of singleness gives you freedom – make a plan for something new to learn or do in the coming months.

Just like the bright daffys, push through the grey world around you and flourish in your life.





Pour your beautiful self into reaching out in love this heart day. You will be filled with happiness and joy as you do.