Weather-wise we are in a weird time – sitting in the middle of winter with a few days of mild temperatures thrown in for confusion. As the sunshine coaxes green shoots from their warm beds, I want to bend down and call out to them.

Stop! Quit growing! You don’t know what you’re doing. Stay nestled in the warmth of your nourishing soil. If you grow too fast you will be exposed to freezing elements yet to come. Winter isn’t over and you might get hurt if you show yourself too soon.

My concern for these tender plants causes me to think about how we approach our human lives. How often do we feel equipped or prepared for the future that lies ahead?

For something fantastic. For a loss.

For a promotion. For a tragedy.

For a dream come true.

The anticipation of unexpected events can cause internal panic and emotional chaos for many.

Sometimes I think, How will I make it through if ___________ happens? I try to picture the worst possible scenario in order to prepare. (As if that gives me some kind of control over life events. HA!)

Can you relate?

We humans never know what will greet us each day. Our seasons are never certain. We are not God and have no idea what is around the corner on our journey.

Are we willing to grow out of season? To trust that God will see us through?

Do we hunker down in what we know or do we follow the example of optimistic plants and reach in hope toward the great unknown?

Life is short. Let’s take a chance. The result might be a bloom more beautiful than we can imagine!

(Sharing our stories with one another can strengthen us and give courage for our travels. When have you faced the unexpected and experienced positive growth out of season?)