In the western culture of America, Spring Break comes around each year, usually in March. For most, it signals vacation time celebrating the entrance to spring and warmer weather.

No matter the age or season in life, we all need a spring break. Spring offers a time of renewal as we exit the dormancy of a long wintry season indoors.

The world around us hums (on a good day) with busyness and clangs (on a chaotic day) with relentless chatter. In the midst of “helpful” technology and thriving work, sometimes we forget to push the pause button, much less the off button.

We were not created for the constancy of doing.

We are human beings and in order to experience quality life must embrace timely breaks before we effectively break down.

What could this look like in our lives?

  • At the end of the day, shut technology down for one hour.

If you have a family, go outside and play with your kids. If you are single, go for a walk or meet up face to face with friends over a cup of coffee. Engage another human being in quality interaction.

  • Pick up a book.

Yes, one of those printed, bound objects with lots of words on the page. 🙂  Hold it in your hands and be transported to another world for a brief time.

  • Sit outside, close your eyes, and listen to the world around you.

What do you hear? The breeze blowing? Bees buzzing? Birds singing? Leaves shimmering in the trees? Cars rushing by? A distant horn?

  • Be still and know.

Clear your mind. If you are a person of faith, be still and know that God IS.

  • Take a walk or hike in nature.

Explore the natural world. Get your feet wet. Look at plants and flowers. Stop and feel the bark of a tree.

We were created for purpose and we were also designed to rest.

Constant stress, worry, and activity offer the illusion of importance and meaning but these are deceptive and can often cause deep internal damage and unrest within our souls.

The next time you feel the tensions of life rising, get outside and take a walk.

Think of the little things in life that please your heart and senses. Ponder all of the areas in life where thankfulness blooms.

Taking a break can keep us from breaking.

(What is your favorite way to have a restful break?)