“Give me eight hours of your time. In four lessons I promise you will learn to draw.”

I have to admit I laughed uncomfortably. Even quietly scoffed a bit. You see, I’ve spent a lifetime secretly envying my siblings’ abilities to sketch and paint.

In years past, the best I’ve been able to draw is the picture you see above. Yes, that is my stick figure work of art. ☺.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for the smallest of creative abilities within but I always wanted to be able to capture visuals in simple pencil drawings.

My art teacher/new friend inspired me to try something new in the midst of a stressful time of left-brain academic writing a few months ago. I needed a creative outlet and was so desperate to infuse creativity into my world that the fear of failure couldn’t even rear its ugly head. In a normal state of thinking I would have felt too overwhelmed to even attempt something of this magnitude.

Have I mentioned that my art instructor exudes positivity and encouragement. Her belief that I could accomplish my goal lit the fire within.


We jumped into the first lesson and soon I found myself wrapped up in the introductory drawing exercise. Before I knew it, two hours flew by. I left that day feeling great anticipation about where this would lead.

The second lesson, I showed up to find my model, the egg, sitting in the middle of the table. There was a mat and frame in front of it and my instructor invited me to sit and look at the light and shadow of the shape and scene. We discussed the importance of capturing the contours through graphite variations.

By the end of the lesson, I captured the egg shape.

I couldn’t believe I felt such an extraordinary sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Seemingly simple items and actions in life can actually have a great impact on our confidence and contentment. I not only drew the egg but I also discovered a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.


This experience opened a door to a world where I never thought I would belong.

A New Year

May I encourage you? Today, on the last day of the first month of a brand new year, take a few minutes and sit quietly to ponder a new area of possibility and exploration in your world. Jump out of your comfort zone, or just place a foot there.

Determine to try something this year that will grow your creativity, increase your joy, or bring you to a place of peace. And bravery.

I may never be a Picasso, but I have come a long way from stick figures to adventures with sketching and a wonderful new friend who patiently guides me. Seek out people to help you and reach for your eggstraordinary this new year.

(Who or what led you to make new, creative discoveries in your life?)