The toughest step I ever took was the first one on a bridge to an unknown path. I was wrapped in disappointment, bitterness, and just plain sadness when I realized that I would never be a mom, would never have a child of my own.

I was lost.

My future looked bleak and unclear.

Several years later, I stand on the other side of that bridge, filled with bright hope for a fruitful future. It looks different than I imagined but I am filled with the promise to fully live.

The first step required me to let go of what I so desperately clung to in order to grasp the handrail leading me onward.

The next steps were challenging. Scary. Tentative.

As I clutched the railing and took baby steps, I made a beautiful discovery. Walking forward brought clarity. Confidence. Promise.

This new path now fills me with a lightness I haven’t felt in some time. The last bits of pain reside in a quiet place. They greet me on occasion but with less intensity than before. I share my story to help others get out from under their burden. To help loved ones gain a bit more clarity and understanding when dealing with the surreal world called infertility.

Thank you for your listening ear as I share my story during the coming weeks. Please let me know if you or a loved one walks this bumpy road. Your story matters.

What is your next step?