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Valentine Expectation

The combination of expectation and Valentine’s Day often results in large and small emotional wounds. Following a recent conversation, a mental light bulb switched on. Unmet expectations and fear are the greatest enemies of healthy relationships. My Expectation I realize I have expectations in every relationship – actions or words from friends, relatives, spouse, and […]

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Next Steps

The toughest step I ever took was the first one on a bridge to an unknown path. I was wrapped in disappointment, bitterness, and just plain sadness when I realized that I would never be a mom, would never have a child of my own. I was lost. My future looked bleak and unclear. Several […]

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The Year of the Carry-on

This year I resolve to leave my baggage behind. You know, the stuff transported from one year to the next year to the next. The burden that escalates bitterness, weariness, and frankly, creates paralysis of life. I want to thrive. Not just cope or muddle through. Thrive! I’m declaring an end to the drudgery of […]

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