Seven years ago I began the daily practice of posting thankfulness on my website and sharing it on social media, inviting others to share their thankfulness as well.

This daily ritual was a direct result of my frustration with social media interactions witnessed during the 2012 Presidential election campaign.

I wanted to quit all social media and walk away but knew that wasn’t an option given what I felt called to do in life. Then God prompted me to respond with the opposite of what I witnessed. I realized I needed something to stay focused on the positives, no matter how small or big. I began my own campaign, a thankfulness campaign, to counter the negatives in the political campaign.

After that election, I stopped posting thankfulness each day and soon after received a phone call from a friend. At the time, she found herself navigating difficult life realities and asked why I stopped posting about thankfulness. I explained the conclusion of the campaign and she told me those posts were the only positives in her life and she needed me to continue. I asked for how long and she said just keep doing it. So, I began posting Thankfuldays.

Over time, it became a great habit, in good times and in challenging times. People posted their own thankfulness. I received phone calls, emails, texts, and had conversations with many who said the posts reminded them to think of their own thankfulness, no matter the state of their day or life.

Along the way, several friends joined in for periods of time and posted with me. We enjoyed sharing thankfulness in community. I appreciated every person who participated.

One friend in particular joined me every day. She was a friend from college (sorority sister) and I had not seen her in many years, yet we enjoyed a thankfulness bonding together. On days when I felt alone or sad and unable to muster the motivation to post thankfulness or even feel thankful, I thought about Amanda and realized an unspoken responsibility and accountability (in a good way). I knew she would be on the lookout for my post so she could post her thankfulness for that day. This became a good lesson to be thankful each day and follow through, no matter my emotions or situation.

The thankful experience proved extraordinary in redirecting my foundational outlook and forging a friendship bond in an entirely new way. I am so grateful to Amanda Cloy for her encouragement and perseverance as we walked this thankful journey together.

Stepping into 2020, I face new projects and time commitments and will no longer post thankfulday on my website each day. I will probably jump on occasionally and post a thankfulness, just not every day.

(Sidenote: Amanda is amazing and has a group of friends she leads to daily write their thankfulness and share them together.) I will definitely keep up this life-changing habit in my personal writing, journaling, and prayer time and will eventually write more about what I learned through this experience.

Thank you, Amanda, for your friendship and powerful, steadfast loyalty and example of positive living.

Many thanks to those who encouraged me with their own thankfulness, shared stories with along the way, and showed up each day to support thankfulday posts.

May 2020 bring an abundance of joy, faith, love, and thankfulness in each of your lives!