Defining Steps for Life

Julie Shannon equips individuals and communities to engage in practical compassion for the realities of life. She utilizes speaking and writing to inspire others with real talk on real life issues, sharing solutions and stories to encourage hope, community, and a renewed perspective.



Encouraging Women

Equipping Communities

Engaging Life

Growing Courage in the Unexpecteds

Embracing a new adventure can require us to take a deep breath and step forward…even while the step feels scary. Several months ago, I set out on a new life adventure and have been balancing deadlines, pandemic precautions, and trying to step out and start growing roots in my new community. One way I find […]

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Valentine’s Day Community

This episode replay offers great wisdom and ideas for gathering community anytime, and especially during the Valentine’s Day season. I talk with Annie Tucker, Founder of Take A Bite Blog, about the realities of singleness and the defining steps we can take to walk through this season of life. We can wait well with our […]

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Thankfulday #235

Thankful for the breadth and depth of lifelong conversation.

Taking Time & Space

What a pleasure to spend time with Dr. Michelle Pokorny on The Bearing Life® Podcast. She offered such great insight, wisdom, and practical helps for us to recognize and counter burnout in our lives. From now until the end of the year, the array of holidays, events, and workload can often feel like our busyness increases […]

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The Fall of Leaves

I love the smells and sights of fall, especially the reds, golds, and oranges of the leaves. There is such beauty in how they transform on trees and paint a warm nature painting, then eventually dance to the ground. Growing up in a state with minimal autumn brilliance, I always find wonder and amazement in […]

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