Defining Steps in the Range of Reality

Dr. Julie Shannon equips individuals and communities to engage in practical compassion for the realities of life. She utilizes speaking and writing to inspire others with real talk on real life issues, sharing solutions and stories to encourage hope, community, and a renewed perspective.

Encouraging Women

Equipping Communities

Engaging Life

Unexpected Joy Around Life’s Bends

The off-roading adventure with out-of-town visitors quickly turned into a glorious Fall surprise. After turning off the main road we approached the journey ahead with anticipation and a little trepidation. Carefully making our way over the rocks we continued down the road, got to the bend, and came upon the blaze of aspen trees. The […]

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Walking Well with those on an Infertility Journey

In this episode of The Bearing Life Podcast, I talk with my friend Dr.  Sandra Glahn who has walked the path of infertility. We share stories of past experiences and how friends have come alongside us to help us bear our burdens. Learn practical steps to show compassion to friends, family, and co-workers who are […]

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Thankfulday #80

Thankful for the first day of spring – hope and rebirth are in the air.

Reasonable Responses

Are you feeling overwhelmed by social media? This week we unpack how we engage online and how we can make a positive impact on those around us.

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Reviving Thankfuldays

Eight years ago, I wanted to quit social media. During the Presidential campaign that year, I became quite disheartened by posts and commentary on all sides. The day I logged on to delete accounts, I felt inspired to do something to counter all of the negativity instead of running away. That began my 2012 Thankfulness […]

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