Defining Steps for Life

Dr. Julie Shannon equips individuals and communities to engage in practical compassion for the realities of life. She utilizes speaking and writing to inspire others with real talk on real life issues, sharing solutions and stories to encourage hope, community, and a renewed perspective.

Encouraging Women

Equipping Communities

Engaging Life

Defining Steps Through Grief

Grief can creep up on us and any unexpected trauma can trigger deep feelings within. When we watch our friends face this experience, we struggle to know what help we can provide and how best to support them. In my conversation with Ann Golding on The Bearing Life® Podcast, we share how you can assist […]

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The Weight of Grief

This week, I have a conversation about grief trauma with my friend, Ann Golding. We cover this deep topic as Ann shares her story of traumatic loss. We discuss how to help one another bear the burden of great grief. Connect with Ann: Instagram: @anngolding

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Thankfulday #347

Thankful for friendships with deep history and care.

Grief Boulders

Have you ever encountered a boulder on a hiking trail? The loom-large-block-your-path kind where you had to determine another way around? You can’t see over it, under it, around it. The boulder overwhelms our view of what’s ahead on our life path. Great grief often looks (and feels) like this. In the podcast episode last […]

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Overstuffed & Re-evaluating

The image of carrying luggage—heavy luggage—sticks out most to me as an appropriate metaphor for the transition from 2020 to 2021. We’ve all talked about and heard how 2020 felt wearying and overwhelming. We will most likely look back and see it as a significant year in our stories. How can we remove some of […]

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