Defining Steps in the Range of Reality

Dr. Julie Shannon equips individuals and communities to engage in practical compassion for the realities of life. She utilizes speaking and writing to inspire others with real talk on real life issues, sharing solutions and stories to encourage hope, community, and a renewed perspective.

Encouraging Women

Equipping Communities

Engaging Life

When the Stork Passes By

How many children do you have?   When are you going to give me grandchildren?   Why don’t you have any children? These questions pierce the hearts of couples in the midst of infertility or those who find themselves involuntarily childless. The speaker means no harm and doesn’t realize the pain these questions deliver. Maybe […]

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Life Storms with Taurus, Part Two

Listen to part two of my conversation with Taurus where we openly process through current storms. How can we apply lessons from past storms and experiences to work together and learn from one another? Find encouragement to face your life storms. “[The storm] doesn’t always look like we hoped it would.”

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Thankfulday #16

Thankful for the opportunity to learn.

The Calendar Conundrum

Many thanks to Kelley Mathews for offering a guest post spot on her blog to discuss the calendar of infertility. If you know someone in the midst of an infertility season, please consider reaching out during this strange pandemic time.

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Waiting for Motherhood

Mother’s Day will soon arrive. A day that proves unsettling and sad when you wait for motherhood. If you find yourself facing fertility challenges, you are not alone. The Waiting Room Early morning hours ring hollow with the wait. You sit in the waiting room, each breath edgy with unease. Butterflies fight in the pit […]

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