One of the things I miss most during our season of distance is spending time with young relatives! I love to engage with their imagination, and color, paint, put together puzzles, and play memory games. Not only does it provide connection and memory-making opportunities, but it also gives us space to just enjoy simple, creative times together.

We adults can get so caught up in the stresses of life, we don’t often take these creative breathers. Do you ever have days where information swirls in your brain, deadlines loom, and you just can’t relax? Everything feels tense and mentally you feel stuck on whatever life or business puzzle you are trying to solve!

Grab a coloring book or a connect the dots activity book or a puzzle out of the game cabinet. If you don’t have anything handy, take time to go to a store or buy online.

There is something that loosens up in our left brain when our right brain engages in mindless, simple, creative activities.

Let’s try a little bit of mindless time this week and see how it affects our productive, necessary task time! Do you have a favorite mindless activity that helps you relax or have thought break-throughs? I’d love to know!