I’m so excited to begin sharing Season 5 of The Bearing Life® podcast!

In the first episode, I’ll give a brief update on my new book about weathering life storms and also share a story about the challenge I faced and encouragement I received from a small sign in a store window.

It made me stop in the middle of the sidewalk and think about life and how I/we handle the unexpecteds (good & challenging).

Have you ever seen a sign that grabbed your attention and made you think about how you are approaching your life? After you listen to the new episode on Wednesday, come back and comment and let me know when a sign has made a difference for you.

This podcast season will touch on life dreams, perseverance, authenticity, and self-development – you don’t want to miss an episode! I’ve loved having these conversations with others and hearing their amazing stories. Can’t wait to share them with you. I know each one will offer encouragement and hope.

Remember, we aren’t alone in our challenges or our joys.

You were uniquely and lovingly created for this time and place in order to live out your true life (gifts and talents) and love others well.

Your story matters.