On the The Bearing Life® podcast this week I shared about the impact of seeing a sign that said, “In All Things Give Thanks.”

One of the most difficult things I’ve done in the last six months was to say goodbye to my sweet Emma. She was in my life for thirteen and a half years. While I’m thankful she lived for such a long time, I’m still so very sad that she crossed over the rainbow bridge and is no longer here with me.

As more time has passed, I’ve learned to think about all the ways I’m thankful for who she was and how much I loved her.

  • She was dedicated to me – protective and caring.
  • She loved playing – bringing her ball and dropping it at my feet, ringing the bell to go outside for a joyful walk down the street.
  • She found joy in the little things – playing soccer/kicking an empty plastic water bottle, empty cardboard box, or her ball.
  • She loved giving me high fives and would occasionally sing with me (with a lot of prompting and a few treats :)!).
  • She enjoyed going to new places and seeing new sights. Closing her eyes and raising her face to enjoy the sunshine.

When we lose someone we love…that can be the most difficult time to take a step toward thankfulness.

During this thankful season, let’s take time to look back on how we made it through the dark of a loss and who or what shined a light of hope for us to begin to move through that overwhelming place.

Let’s take a few minutes to give thanks for who they are and how they helped us and to remember people who made a loving, positive impact on our lives.

Let’s remember, give thanks, and look for the joy in everyday life!

I’m cheering you on…