Bees buzz around spreading pollen in nature. Their work proves vital to growth, beauty, and food supply. Pollen also feeds the bee colony. When I think about bees spreading what is necessary to nurture and assist in flourishing life, it reminds me of how we can be pollinators too.

We need one another to fully live our best selves. We were created for community. That concept can seem difficult in the midst of pandemic, isolation, and racial injustice. It can feel defeating – where do we start, how do we reach out, in what way can we each make a difference in the world that leads to an overhaul in how we care for humanity?

We take steps in our own space and reach out to those we know or want to know. Use our social media voices for good AND involve ourselves in local, healthy change in our neighborhoods and cities. Come together in the spirit of unity (not uniformity), seeking the best for one another.

May we intentionally pollinate this week by spreading dignity, respect, kindness, and care, wrapped in abounding love for our fellow human beings.

How has someone reached out to you with compassion and care?

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