Aren’t we weary? Virtual Meetings/Politics/COVID/Isolation/Distancing weary?

Tired of being careful, wondering what if, analyzing the mask and distancing debates, wondering who to believe about what…There is so much information and many experts trying to grab our attention and sway our opinion. Most of us strive each day to just navigate life realities in this strange season.

As we step into another week, let’s take a moment and think about how to be generous.

Generous with a gracious response (or no response) when someone posts a snarky comment. Generous when friends make different social interaction decisions than we might. Generous with our efforts by reaching out to someone we haven’t talk to in a while. Generous with our time when we can help someone in need.

Our world needs less judgment and more kindness. Less sadness and more joy. Let’s shower one another with kindness, care, compassion, laughter, and positivity. Make it an incredible week!

(Would love to hear your ideas about practical ways we can be generous!)