Do you (like me) find it difficult to stay focused on a project? Often, when I need to finish necessary details, bright and shiny objects cross my path and I can get distracted. Many times life projects or purpose require full-on dedication to completion – a calling if you will, to finish and finish well.

Skydiving was an adventure that needed complete attention to detail in order to have a successful jump (translation: to avoid injury or worse!). What a crazy, amazing experience I had with my sister and nephew a couple of years ago. We decided to commit to skydive together and celebrate our birthdays. On the way to our goal, we faced several delays.

It took three trips to accomplish our goal – the skydiving company was about an hour’s drive away The first attempt we arrived, watched a training video, met our instructors, and went through our airborne responsibilities. We suited up and waited…for a long time. You see, the winds picked up just as we were ready to go up, up, up. We eventually left because they halted all jumps for the rest of that day. Our second trip there was a repeat of the first.

Finally, on the third trip, the weather cooperated. We had to fully commit and dedicate ourselves to jumping – once the roll door opened and you stood in the doorway looking down into the atmosphere you had no choice. You then had to dedicate yourself to remembering all you were supposed to do. Thankfully, we jumped tandem with our instructors.

In keeping with my bright and shiny distraction tendency, I found myself so dedicated to the awe of the jump, I neglected to consult my altimeter to monitor when I had to pull the parachute cord. In this picture you see my instructor kindly raising my arm up to show me I needed to pay attention to how fast we were free falling and get ready to pull that cord!

What a fantastic adventure! I/we were so glad we dedicated ourselves to see it through – first on the multiple trips to finally go up and then to actually get in the plane and jump!

If you find yourself on a long road to completion of a task or project today, may I encourage you? You can do it. You can be dedicated and finish it well. Keep moving forward one step at a time. Focus on the next thing you need to do and gather supportive people around you!

(I have some exciting news coming up that I will announce mid-week. Something I’ve worked on for years. It is only by the grace of God and encouragement and cheerleading by friends and mentors that I completed this project. I am beyond grateful and look forward to sharing more on Wednesday.)