Spring ushers in the time for new plantings. We buy small plants to put in containers or flowerbeds and leave a decent amount of spacing around each plant for it to flourish and grow. Under the soil line roots are reaching out, gathering nourishment, nutrients, and water. Above ground, rain falls, sun shines, leaves grow, and blooms abound.

This visual helps motivate me during the worldwide pandemic season. While we are social distancing, working from home, staying careful with our health, let’s take steps to flourish where we can. Every one of us has our own story in this storm – loss, fear, anxiety, etc. We can acknowledge the hard places and still take active, every day steps in a positive direction.

Sometime this week, plant a flower or go for a walk and look at plants along the way. Let’s keep an eye on them as they grow over the next couple of months and let them remind us to be active and take small or big positive steps each day.

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