The current pandemic gives us a harsh reality about “being contagious.” Everywhere we turn we hear about washing our hands, social distancing, and flattening the curve. These are important messages and practices to implement in our lives.

Recently I ran across this dandelion picture I took while on a hike. When I was a child, dandelions fascinated me. Oh, who am I kidding…they still enchant me!

As an adult, I want to pick them and watch the little seeds fly away to new adventures.

While we all do our best to stay healthy and avoid being contagious in a harmful way, may we strive to be contagious in a helpful way? May we intentionally send little seeds out into the world around us?

Seeds of kindness, encouragement, joy, and hope. These are tough times but we can do our part to be contagious for good by saying thank you to all who help us in our daily lives, by reaching out to those in isolation, by calling a long ago friend to catch up on life. Be contagious online with posts of joy and positivity and comments of support for others.

Let’s be contagious for good. God bless and stay safe!

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