As I navigated the storm and hugged the curve around a hill, I glanced up and saw a double rainbow. I pulled over and took this quick pic. I didn’t have time to jump out and get a clearer picture, so I took it through the raindrop covered windshield.

Just as quickly, the rainbows went away.

What a memory and reminder of a moment in time that illustrates life. We go through storms and then the sun shines again. If we pay attention, we might catch a rainbow promise before the skies cloud or clear again.

That’s what happens when we are thankful. Our mental focus shifts to the positive, the sun shines on our thoughts, and we begin to see life through the prism of hope.

Let’s be thankful this week, no matter the storm, no matter the chaos or fear. Let’s find one small or big thing to be thankful for each day! I pray you have a wonderful, sunshine week!