I don’t know about you, but I sure need to embrace hopefulness this week. I felt inspired over the weekend to make this week’s BeSpirational a message of being hopeful and I remembered taking this picture with a field of sunny flowers, blue sky, and bouncy clouds. So I went digging in digital files.

Finally found it, but in between inspiration and posting, irritating mishaps interrupted causing a day’s delay in posting and not much positivity to call upon. Among the little events was a biggie. My computer became inaccessible. (I won’t tell you how long it has been since I backed up my files and how panicked I felt about losing info for books, podcasts, pictures, music, etc.)

Had to go digging again…within myself. To grab onto trust and faith, believing that incredible things are around the corner, that God isn’t through with me and hasn’t left me, forgotten, on the side of the road. Put on my pity party hat yesterday because everything I needed to finish was. just. so. hard.

Do you have days like that?

I’m a really positive person and all the little challenges yesterday surprised me by how heavy they felt.

Then, today.

Two phone calls first thing this morning with resource names to help solve the overwhelming computer issue. Encouraging time with friends over technology, and my treasured marketing director who jumped in to help by piling additional stuff on her plate today.

Just when it feels darkest, God provides a glimpse of His working and care. I know this from past experience but so often in the chaos of the daily grind during a bizarre year like 2020, I can turn my focus to the challenges and not to the One who is over all.

So…may I encourage you to be hopeful this week? Let’s find joy in creation around us and take one defining step at a time in the middle of the chaos. May you have a sunshine day and wonderful week and feel free to share ways you feel hopeful!