Our new pandemic reality brings changes by the hour – scary, shocking, unpleasant, fearful changes.

A novel virus running rampant around the world – so little is known and that is unnerving. Our usual way of life seems to have changed overnight. In fact, that has literally happened in some places and situations.

Schools shut down, travel halted, people working from home, normal gathering places now closed for the next couple weeks at least.

Social distancing is the new social order.

I have read much about flattening the curve in the last couple days and understand our human engagement must be drastically changed to stop the spread.

During these days of pandemic it is easy to get caught up in the scary posts, frightened by the possibilities of illness and death, job loss, loneliness, financial downfall, and many other fears. The sadness and frightening thoughts are real.


We were not created to have the spirit of fear – to just sit back and wait for horrible things to happen. Yes, the negative, hurtful possibilities exist. We do not have to live in the fear of this. We can choose hope. We can stand strong and responsibly help one another.

We can be intentional.

Intentionally reach out to loved ones in creative ways – those in your home and those who live elsewhere. Phone calls, texts, Facetime, email, creative cards, videos. We live in a time of great technology that enables personal contact.

Intentionally reach out to elderly neighbors – safely check in and see if you can run to the grocery store for them and set the groceries at their front door. (Sanitize and wash hands before you shop and before leaving their groceries so you don’t leave any germs. J)

Intentionally seek community – find a solid online church, prayer, or devotional site. The church I attend has online Sunday service and a daily praise and prayer time. It has done wonders for grounding me during this uncertain time.

Intentionally thank those on the front lines – nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, hospital chaplains, and first responders (police, fire, EMT). Tell them thank you with a card, text, social media post.

Intentionally express gratitude to those working in grocery stores, pharmacies, and other places we go for life necessities. They are working in difficult circumstances and dealing with on edge folks all day long. Then they are diligently re-stocking the shelves overnight.

Intentionally spend your day in healthy ways – read your Bible, read a classic book, start an online book club, read to your children. Tour museums online, study great masterpieces, learn a new hobby. Structure your day with work, healthy engagement, and growing entertainment.

Intentionally communicate with friends – there are different concerns for different people. Let’s be willing to reach out and be available for conversations and messages of encouragement and to actively listen to another’s challenges. Then let’s connect people and services to help with these needs. Be a kind voice speaking into their life.

You are not alone. Let’s face this virus together. Let’s stand strong, be brave, loving, kind, and intentional. We can do this.

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