In our current culture, we can be physically present yet actively disconnected. We constantly check our devices and have been unknowingly trained to respond to the ping or buzz. In the middle of sentences, we switch focus to pick up our phone and look at the screen. We glance at our fitness bands or watches to see what our latest text or notification says. But what does our action say to the person across the table who is present with us?

It minimizes them, makes them feel unimportant, and indicates their secondary status in that moment.

That quick glance shows the other person we aren’t really there. We might be present right in front of them, but we aren’t truly present with them.

This week, let’s commit to be fully present with those in our lives. Have face to face conversations engaging in active listening. Really listening to what the other person says, not waiting and thinking about how we will respond or what we need to say so we can jump in when they pause in their speaking.

When we meet up with others for coffee or a meal or just to talk, let’s put our phones and earbuds away.

Set our watches to sleep.

Forget notifications and responses for the time we are face to face.

The noise will quiet and we can experience quality time with our friends and loved ones.

Let’s Be Present.