Any day is a good day to reflect on our lives. To take a few minutes of time to sit or walk and give thought to thankfulness…to ponder meaning and motivation…to think about our direction and purpose.

During a worldwide pandemic it is especially important to be reflective. This unprecedented time can stir up stress, chaos, unfocused busyness, loneliness, and anxiety (to name a few).

When life seems uncertain or our reality is desperate, we are tempted to project the overwhelming fear to next week, month, or year. We can allow our minds to over-actively wonder and worry what life will look like.

The truth is, we don’t know and we waste time thinking about what is in the future rather than taking a few minutes to stop and think about what we have today. If the dark and chaos is too thick to come up with one positive aspect of our lives we can always be thankful the sun rose this morning. Sometimes just that small basic step of gratefulness for something we take for granted every day can turn our reflective thoughts just a smidge to the positive side of life.

We are all in different, difficult places. Let’s take one minute today to stop, be reflective about a positive in our life, and think on the next thing we can do that is right in front of us.

If you pray, pray. If you read the Bible, spend a few minutes reading and then reflect on the love you read and experience there. If quotes inspire you, search for a positive, encouraging one. Read and then think about how it might influence your next step in life.

In some ways we are busier now than we’ve ever been – working from home (alone or with our families), seeking a job, looking for help with food or medical needs, juggling the basics. Allow yourself a few minutes, today, to be reflective and reset your mental, emotional, and spiritual state. Praying for you.

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