I don’t know about you, but I found myself growing weary of isolation and uncertainty last week. In my part of the world we have been social distancing for a few weeks trying to do our part to flatten the curve of COVID19.

I became overwhelmed by worry for people I know and those I don’t know. It all just felt so heavy.

Then came Easter and the reminder that death has been conquered and abundant life offered both here and for all eternity. My focus switched from stress and unknowns to rejuvenated hope.

Yesterday I noticed trees that are survivors of a massive tornado that swept through six months ago. These grand trees were shredded and large branches ripped off. What the tornado didn’t remove, chainsaws carved off.

There seemed to be no hope for them. But look closely. Spring greening is happening on the tiny branches breaking through the altered wood. These trees visually remind us to take hope in God. His creation shows a beautiful picture of the renewal that happens in our lives.

As we continue to face weariness and uncertainty, let us turn our focus and be renewed by Hope. Take a walk outside and be inspired by the spring renewal in God’s creation!

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