Information swirls around us from all directions. Technology allows a vast amount of news and noise that seems overwhelming much of the time – in fact, a couple of weeks ago, the mental and visual chaos caused me to close out most sources of “the latest events.”

I couldn’t cram any more into my brain and desperately needed to pause the input.

We were not created to fix everything or do every task before us and often we need a restful break and a reset. Last week I gratefully went for an afternoon walk with a friend through our local arboretum. Fresh air, abundant sunshine, birdsong, and blooming flowers surrounded me. The hidden gardens with benches appealed in a new, positive way and greatly refreshed my spirit.

Have you taken a restful break lately?

Let’s take a step in that direction this week. Go to a local park or lake, or find a small patch of green with some trees and recharge. Search out a bench and sit for a while with no distraction. Gather up nature’s vitamin D from the sun, calm our spirits, and give our brains a chance to just be and listen to the beautiful sounds around us. Let’s give ourselves the gift of being restful.

(Where is your favorite restful spot?)