I’m not talking about hair issues we women face during our quarantine/social distancing/covid19 existence. 🙂  (Although, I would love to take care of that problem as soon as possible!)

We’re looking at a variety of life roots.

Be rooted in the sense of finding and developing life stability, security, and foundation.

Many people have found genealogy and DNA testing helpful to learn their history, family, and culture. This adds to the picture of who and whose we are.

Family roots and background contribute to self-awareness and behavior understanding – those complicated inter-dynamics between family members within the nuclear family and extended family.

Personality tests, enneagram information, leadership styles, and strength info help identify the roots of how we function, make decisions, and who we are at our core.

The friends we gather through every season of our journey often grow deep roots that take hold until these wonderful people are truly family for us.

Our truth roots grow when we fill ourselves with unshakeable and nutritional food for our very souls. Some of us grow deep roots through relationship with God, prayer, and reading His Word, the Bible.

In this time of anxiety and uncertainty, let’s be rooted – acts of growing our roots and stabilizing our thoughts and actions. During these uncertain times may we make time to really know our God and ourselves, to grow and mature our life roots so no pandemic or storm has the power to uproot our peace and inner strength as we face challenges one day, one step at a time.

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