Rappelling down the cliff with the ocean below gave the gift of exhilaration and fun.

Climbing back up while clinging to the sheer face and trying to find just the right notches for feet and hands challenged the mind and body.

Even with the assurance of the attached rope, the “what if” and “I can’t do this” thoughts overwhelmed at times. Such a contradiction – beautiful scenery, fun adventure, seemingly impossible challenge.

Life can feel this way, can’t it? Especially during changes and challenges – even fun ones!

This week I introduced the new season of The Bearing Life® Podcast. This season, you’ll hear how my guests persevered while pursuing dreams and overcoming obstacles. In each episode, you will hear how to take intentional steps toward joy and meaning. I know you will find encouragement this season.

If you face “what ifs” and “I can’ts”, call a friend or mentor and invite a listening ear. Reach out to someone in your community. Seek wise counsel and advice.


Take one more positive step forward.

You are not alone.