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A Day to Remember

Today, October 15th, represents the Official Day of Remembrance within a month of Infant & Pregnancy Loss Awareness. This month allows those of us who have experienced the gut-wrenching pain of loss to come together in support and community. If this month has personal meaning and experience for you, you are on my heart. I […]

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Help with an Unbearable Burden

We watched the momma bear search high and low for her young cub. She paced several blocks of a neighborhood for hours. All. Day. Long. Two friends and I heard a rumor that Parks & Wildlife rescued the injured cub early in the day and whisked it away for rehabilitation, but no one explained this […]

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Walking With Those in Infertility

How many children do you have? When are you going to give me grandchildren? Why don’t you have any children? These are some of the toughest words married couples trying to conceive can hear. The speaker means no harm and does not realize the pain he or she just delivered. Infertility is defined as difficulty […]

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