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Shaping a New Year

The start of any life season can feel overwhelming, uncertain, and even exciting! The beginning of a new year offers much of the same. Wherever you find yourself right now, join us and hear Joseph Bojang’s practical, wise advice on how to build your confidence, set your dreams in motion, and act as agent or […]

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Cultivating Dreams

What can we do to cultivate a dream we laid down years ago? Or maybe a dream we’ve never reached for or thought possible? Join us and hear Debbie’s incredible journey of how she pursued a long ago dream: who helped her, how it surprised her, and what new dreams grew out of it. As […]

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A New Season

Welcome to Season 5 of The Bearing Life® podcast! Some days life can feel like a lot, can’t it? We’ve all weathered a variety of situations and events, especially the last couple of years. The struggle is real and sometimes it is a challenge to try; to move through the times that seem So. Very. […]

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