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Letters of Hope for the Holiday Season

The holiday season brings fellowship and hope to the world but the next few weeks also usher in a deeper level of sadness and despair for people living with grief and loss. For many… A simple trip to the grocery store provokes unexpected, choking tears while standing in front of store shelves and mindlessly looking […]

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Stepping Through Mother’s Day Obstacles

Inhaling deeply, I stepped on the swinging tire that hung above the water. The hole in the middle appeared HUGE and the tire rim that was my step target looked thin and inadequate. That first step overwhelmed my being. Then I heard my nephew calling encouragement from behind. “You can do this, Aunt Julie. Just […]

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Mother’s Day Mission: Include Others in Your Infertility

My dear sisters in infertility: This is such a difficult season and time of year, isn’t it? The emotional days leading up to Mother’s Day… Pain Dread Anticipation (not the joyful kind) Avoidance Guardedness…from family, friends, community, church members I KNOW this pain. (https://drjulieshannon.com/ten-years-life/) I experienced many years of active infertility and three miscarriages – […]

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Make 2017 An Eggstraordinary Year

Encouragement “Give me eight hours of your time. In four lessons I promise you will learn to draw.” I have to admit I laughed uncomfortably. Even quietly scoffed a bit. You see, I’ve spent a lifetime secretly envying my siblings’ abilities to sketch and paint. In years past, the best I’ve been able to draw is […]

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Ten Years to Life

Ten Years Ago… June 2016 marked ten years of a journey I didn’t want. You see, June 2006 brought several endings in my life that imprisoned me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for a very long time. The Past One morning in June 2006 while sitting in a fertility clinic waiting for a final procedures, I […]

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Signs of Springtime Hope

The blooms of a tulip tree (aka saucer magnolia) are, for me, the first sign that spring has sprung. These lovely blossoms herald optimism that winter is behind me and brighter skies await. They make my heart sing. Every. Single.Year. After months of looking at bare branches with no touch of green, brown grasses, grey […]

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A Gaggle of Geese for Mother’s Day

One day last fall, a neighbor showed me a nest filled with eggshell fragments. Two days later I spotted tiny goslings and four adults on the water. Over several weeks I watched the goslings grow until they became young adults. Two parents and three goslings made up one family and I began to daily seek […]

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Flowers For More Than a Day

Valentine’s Day arrives in a few days. That means countless flowers will be delivered to offices and homes on Friday. I spent many years as a single dreading every ding of the office door as fragrant deliveries arrived. Flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals galore. All. Day. Long. If you are not looking forward to Friday, […]

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