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Resilience & Joy

Diana Spann is a master facilitator in classic trauma healing and joins me on the podcast to talk about joy, heart wounds, resilience, rest, and the rhythms of life. She offers insight on how we can learn to see ourselves, grow in ways of processing pain and grief, and become people who walk well with […]

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What Do We Do with Trauma?

Life, in general, offers lots of opportunities for stress and trauma (big, medium, and little). When we walk through our days only dealing with the immediate, we can often ignore situations or emotions that need attention. When we don’t take the time to process or even evaluate what may or may not affect us, we […]

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Processing Trauma

Any trauma you have experienced is worth discussing and processing. In this episode with Kat Nasseri, PT, DPT, WCS, we discuss how the body can be impacted by trauma we have experienced over our lifetime. Kat shares how to evaluate conflicts and how to identify trauma and process your emotions. Connect with Katlyn Nasseri, PT, […]

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The Kaleidoscope of Trauma & Stress

Kaleidoscopes fascinate me. How one slight turn transforms the internal pieces and parts into a variety of patterns and colors…kind of an organized, beautiful visual chaos. (I took this picture through the lens of a giant outdoor kaleidoscope at the Dallas Arboretum.) This week on The Bearing Life® Podcast we talk with Katlyn Nasseri about trauma. […]

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