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A Simple Gift to Transform Mother’s Day

The beautiful gift bag waited next to my front door. I noticed it, but my spirit just shrugged…meh. A brilliant sun and clear blue sky stood in stark contrast to the state of my heart that Mother’s Day Sunday. I was just a few years past the decision to stop fertility treatments and had launched […]

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Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day through Infertility and Child Loss

As we prepare for special celebrations this Mother’s Day, I want to encourage you in your journey. If you are part of a community that cares for women walking through infertility, child loss, or involuntary childlessness, this week’s podcast, Getting Ready for Mother’s Day, offers defining steps you can take to love and support your […]

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Facing the Challenge

Hands outstretched, I held my breath to balance and focus on catching the cube of plastic tossed up to me. Once caught, I bent down to place it carefully and securely so I could then step up onto it. With each crate I stacked, I gained a little more height in the air…the higher I […]

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When the Stork Passes By

How many children do you have?   When are you going to give me grandchildren?   Why don’t you have any children? These questions pierce the hearts of couples in the midst of infertility or those who find themselves involuntarily childless. The speaker means no harm and doesn’t realize the pain these questions deliver. Maybe […]

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