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Stepping Through Mother’s Day Obstacles

Inhaling deeply, I stepped on the swinging tire that hung above the water. The hole in the middle appeared HUGE and the tire rim that was my step target looked thin and inadequate. That first step overwhelmed my being. Then I heard my nephew calling encouragement from behind. “You can do this, Aunt Julie. Just […]

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Gifting Treasure for Mother’s Day

Have you ever wondered what you can give someone who has suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth, or child loss? The most treasured gifts are often the smallest. The Gift The first angel came from my sister as a sweet token of remembrance after a doctor’s appointment. The news I had received was bleak – the tiny […]

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Mother’s Day Mission: Include Others in Your Infertility

My dear sisters in infertility: This is such a difficult season and time of year, isn’t it? The emotional days leading up to Mother’s Day… Pain Dread Anticipation (not the joyful kind) Avoidance Guardedness…from family, friends, community, church members I KNOW this pain. ( I experienced many years of active infertility and three miscarriages – […]

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A Gaggle of Geese for Mother’s Day

One day last fall, a neighbor showed me a nest filled with eggshell fragments. Two days later I spotted tiny goslings and four adults on the water. Over several weeks I watched the goslings grow until they became young adults. Two parents and three goslings made up one family and I began to daily seek […]

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Mother’s Day Transformation

Mother’s Day sets apart a special time to appreciate and honor our moms. Advertisements remind us to call, write, send a card, or get on an airplane to act on our love for Mother’s Day. What can we do when the thought of Mother’s Day makes our hearts twist and our stomachs lurch? Detours Many […]

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Embracing Mother’s Day

I take a deep breath and remind myself, it’s that time of year again. You know, the day set apart to honor and celebrate moms. The day children write poems as tokens of their love and families gather to celebrate mothers. A glorious day of recognition for women with children. A gut-wrenching day for women […]

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