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Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

This episode is for everyone! As we prepare for special celebrations this Mother’s Day, remember to reach out to women and families walking through infertility or child loss to support them on what can be a painful day. When the Stork Passes By is a resource to equip communities and individuals to help build a […]

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The Calendar Conundrum

Many thanks to Kelley Mathews for offering a guest post spot on her blog to discuss the calendar of infertility. If you know someone in the midst of an infertility season, please consider reaching out during this strange pandemic time.

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3 Steps to Valentine Joy

I looked up not long ago and realized that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. For those in a healthy, loving relationship, this time of year can be over-the-moon uplifting and joyful. For many, Valentine’s Day 2020 will be a painful reminder of what was lost or a yearning for the not yet… The single […]

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A Graduation Moment Celebrated in Community

The moment took my breath away. As they called his name and he took a few faltering steps, several seniors jumped to their feet clapping loudly. Within seconds the rest of the large senior class leapt up as well. Teachers in chairs onstage joined in and the other teachers in the audience chimed in too. […]

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The Final Salute: An Act of Unity

The last few years, we Americans have been in the thick of a great divide, a magnitude of cultural upheaval like I’ve never seen. There seems to be little to bring us together. It feels like we have lost any sense of common ground or basic respect for one another. Left against Right. Blue vs. […]

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Flowers For More Than a Day

Valentine’s Day arrives in a few days. That means countless flowers will be delivered to offices and homes on Friday. I spent many years as a single dreading every ding of the office door as fragrant deliveries arrived. Flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals galore. All. Day. Long. If you are not looking forward to Friday, […]

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