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October Wave of Light

Lighting the Dark One of the most soul stirring sights occurs each year in December. The celebration of Christmas in churches, homes, and communities usually includes groups of people singing Silent Night. The lights turn down, the first notes of the song begin, and voices join together in quiet confidence and worship. One candle is […]

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Resolve from the Basics of Life

In February 2018, we gathered around after a family dinner and my nephew announced he planned to jump out of a plane. On. Purpose. You see, he wanted to celebrate his upcoming milestone birthday in a BIG way. To my entire family’s shock and awe, his mother said, “I want to go too.” His mom […]

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Signs of Springtime Hope

The blooms of a tulip tree (aka saucer magnolia) are, for me, the first sign that spring has sprung. These lovely blossoms herald optimism that winter is behind me and brighter skies await. They make my heart sing. Every. Single.Year. After months of looking at bare branches with no touch of green, brown grasses, grey […]

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Growth Out of Season

Weather-wise we are in a weird time – sitting in the middle of winter with a few days of mild temperatures thrown in for confusion. As the sunshine coaxes green shoots from their warm beds, I want to bend down and call out to them. Stop! Quit growing! You don’t know what you’re doing. Stay nestled […]

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A Pause in Direction

I need to confess. Ready? Within a month, I failed my New Year’s commitment to leave my baggage back in 2012. Well, maybe not complete failure, more of a pause. I spent months preparing to write the blog that has frolicked in my head for Oh. So. Long. Then, at the end of 2o12, I […]

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The Year of the Carry-on

This year I resolve to leave my baggage behind. You know, the stuff transported from one year to the next year to the next. The burden that escalates bitterness, weariness, and frankly, creates paralysis of life. I want to thrive. Not just cope or muddle through. Thrive! I’m declaring an end to the drudgery of […]

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