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4 Ways to Transform a Difficult Back-to-School Season

Is the back-to-school season a difficult time for you because of infertility, singleness, miscarriage, or child loss? My friend, Kelley Mathews, generously shared her blog space at Patheos for me to offer a few suggestions on transforming this pain (link below) into hopeful purpose. Be encouraged. You are not alone. Original post on Patheos

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Stepping Through Mother’s Day Obstacles

Inhaling deeply, I stepped on the swinging tire that hung above the water. The hole in the middle appeared HUGE and the tire rim that was my step target looked thin and inadequate. That first step overwhelmed my being. Then I heard my nephew calling encouragement from behind. “You can do this, Aunt Julie. Just […]

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4 Ways to Offer Infertility and Child Loss Care

A Day of Remembrance When people hear my story of infertility, miscarriage, and involuntary childlessness, one common question asked is how they can help a friend, loved one, or co-worker who has experienced a similar loss. In 1988, United States President Ronald Reagan proclaimed October 1988 as “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.” The observation […]

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Mother’s Day Mission: Include Others in Your Infertility

My dear sisters in infertility: This is such a difficult season and time of year, isn’t it? The emotional days leading up to Mother’s Day… Pain Dread Anticipation (not the joyful kind) Avoidance Guardedness…from family, friends, community, church members I KNOW this pain. ( I experienced many years of active infertility and three miscarriages – […]

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A Yolk of Reality

The last several months I’ve seen an increase in stories encouraging women to freeze their eggs to ensure future fertility and give them freedom in their current years with the unspoken understanding that any challenges will be solved by science years down the road. My own story of infertility led me to a great passion […]

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Ten Years to Life

Ten Years Ago… June 2016 marked ten years of a journey I didn’t want. You see, June 2006 brought several endings in my life that imprisoned me emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for a very long time. The Past One morning in June 2006 while sitting in a fertility clinic waiting for a final procedures, I […]

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A Gaggle of Geese for Mother’s Day

One day last fall, a neighbor showed me a nest filled with eggshell fragments. Two days later I spotted tiny goslings and four adults on the water. Over several weeks I watched the goslings grow until they became young adults. Two parents and three goslings made up one family and I began to daily seek […]

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Asking Key Questions

Have you ever sought something and missed seeing it right in front of you? Have you laughed at yourself after digging through a purse only to find the sunglasses you seek resting quietly on top of your head? Or found yourself looking for the very telephone you were holding? (I’ve done that too – while telling […]

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