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Reviving Thankfuldays

Eight years ago, I wanted to quit social media. During the Presidential campaign that year, I became quite disheartened by posts and commentary on all sides. The day I logged on to delete accounts, I felt inspired to do something to counter all of the negativity instead of running away. That began my 2012 Thankfulness […]

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Seven years ago I began the daily practice of posting thankfulness on my website and sharing it on social media, inviting others to share their thankfulness as well. This daily ritual was a direct result of my frustration with social media interactions witnessed during the 2012 Presidential election campaign. I wanted to quit all social […]

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Learning to Break

In the western culture of America, Spring Break comes around each year, usually in March. For most, it signals vacation time celebrating the entrance to spring and warmer weather. No matter the age or season in life, we all need a spring break. Spring offers a time of renewal as we exit the dormancy of […]

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Campaigning for Thankfulness

Campaigns When you read the word campaign, what is your first internal response? For many, it brings a sense of negativity, triggering frustration and stress. Wonderful campaigns do exist…ALS ice bucket challenge…breast cancer awareness…pledge drives for worthy causes. Campaigns to raise funds for schools, churches, and community organizations. All of these can be worth our […]

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