The origin of Valentine’s day finds its roots in faith. Over time, and in our modern Western culture, the day has come to equal romantic love with gestures including flowers, fine dining, proposals, cards, and candy and often results in a comparison trap for those who are single. Even some in a relationship with built-up expectations face a comparison challenge as well.

During single seasons of life, the inclination to feel like life is lacking something without a significant other often feels overwhelming.

Social media adds to the challenge and evidence that “everyone else” has the perfect relationship. Rationally, we all know that isn’t true. Something about the visual display offers a whisper of inadequacy and blue feelings as we wonder if we will ever have that same quality of love.

Join us on The Bearing Life® Podcast this week to talk about helpful ways to find true contentment and also practical ways to walk through this Valentine’s season as a single. Thanks for listening, sharing, and for your encouragement!

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