In honor of National Adoption Month, I shared a special podcast conversation and story this week. Maggie joined me on The Bearing Life® Podcast to tell us her story and to provide insight for other adopted children beginning a relationship with their biological family.

Guidelines for building relationships after adoption

1.      Establish boundaries for communication.

Maggie and her birth mother set parameters early on for communication. They made sure the other felt comfortable with beginning steps they took toward one another and each gave space and freedom to take their time.

2.      Offer empathy to one another.

Wisely, Maggie imagined herself in her birth mother’s shoes and considered all the emotions she was experiencing and processing.

3.      Don’t compare.

Eventually, Maggie and the rest of our family met. Relationships developed over time and we engage in life and conversation regularly! Maggie reminds us that every adoption is unique and should be approached without comparison or expectation.

Listen to this week’s episode on Adoption to hear more of Maggie’s story!

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