Getting out into nature helps me address stress in life. Something about the majesty of God’s creation causes me to pause, take stock of anxieties and worries, put things in perspective, and just take a deep breath. Often, I can exhale and just feel the tension breathe out of my body.

Mountains, ocean, babbling brooks, waterfalls, garden fountains – these all help me relax & rejuvenate. When I discovered this view on a mountain pass, I didn’t want to leave that rock! I’m nowhere near mountains or bodies of water now and I have desperately needed that kind of retreat lately (Hello, all things 2020 and into 2021!)

My friend, Candice, called one day a few months ago and told me she had a suggestion for a topic I needed to cover on the podcast. Her call came on the heels of another friend who had shared about her challenges with the same issue. Soon after, I learned of yet another friend facing these struggles.

I must admit I didn’t know much about pelvic floor dysfunction, but with these friends communicating the same issue so close together, I thought, Wow! How many more people bear this burden?

So glad we had this conversation and grateful to Candice’s physical therapist, Kat, for joining us to provide her wisdom, knowledge, and advice. If you find yourself in the middle of the same battle, I hope this episode helps you know you are not alone. If you find yourself with similar symptoms or questions, I hope this episode provides information that leads to a thorough discussion with your doctor. I know our conversation gave me great insight and helped me realize I need to learn to recognize where I carry stress (especially after 2020 and beyond, right?) and implement practical ways to effectively deal with it before it greatly impacts my body.

Join us on The Bearing Life® Podcast this week and learn helpful ways to identify and address pelvic floor dysfunction. Pass the podcast link on to a friend who might need to hear this important information too. (Remember, pop your earbuds in to listen as the frank discussion in this episode is not intended for little ears!)