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The Wait of Infertility

The following is a guest post I wrote for Dr. Sue Edward’s blog on The Wait of Infertility We in western culture tend towards impatience. In general, we do not enjoy waiting…in lines, for food, for replies. Occasionally, I even find myself urging the microwave to heat food faster. The journey of infertility is […]

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Signs Along the Way

After trying for a year to get pregnant, the strip barely registered the + sign before I miscarried in the middle of the night. Clueless about the combination of issues faced, I swallowed the tears and began again. I had yet to realize that I had taken a sharp right turn off Happy Drive and […]

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Next Steps

The toughest step I ever took was the first one on a bridge to an unknown path. I was wrapped in disappointment, bitterness, and just plain sadness when I realized that I would never be a mom, would never have a child of my own. I was lost. My future looked bleak and unclear. Several […]

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