In the last few months, I’ve heard life reality stories of worry, stress, and grief both online and through friends’ firsthand accounts.

In normal circumstances, each of us walks through varying seasons of worry throughout our lives. This year has such a multitude of issues that it can overwhelm even the most optimistic and hope-filled among us.

So. Many. Issues.

  • Stay home and stay safe
  • Stay apart and stay masked
  • Stay well and adapt
  • Stay focused and try to right your upside-down world
  • Stay flexible with your job, school, family, friends, church, and basic life events
  • Stay aware of social issues, racial injustice, and political angst
  • Stay steady and love your neighbors

This year, the list of stress-possibilities truly goes on and on.

A few weeks ago I contacted my friend and coach, Dr. Les Carter, and invited him to The Bearing Life™ Podcast to have a conversation about anxiety in an effort to gain some perspective and discuss helpful tools.

He offers great insight, wisdom, and practical steps…I hope you will join us!

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