If you are in a single season, Valentine’s Day can feel strange, or for many, really lonely. Stepping into the Valentine’s season, we can feel a variety of emotions – lonely, sad, hopeful, optimistic… But as my guests on The Bearing Life® Podcast and I share this week, singles can take steps to walk through these few days to choose joy.

When we take steps to live out life with purpose, we can create a beautiful life! Here are 5 practical ways we thrive and seek to live purposeful lives right where we are.

  1. Take it one day at a time. Be present in the moment to enjoy the people and places you experience today.
  2. “Don’t should” When you feel like you should be on a particular timeline, or that you shouldn’t feel an emotion, you can put these statements away because there isn’t a specific formula for anyone!
  3. Don’t compare your life to others’. Remember that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. There is so much we don’t know beyond what is posted on social media. Don’t allow yourself to bring unnecessary judgment.
  4. Make a plan for what you know is coming. When you know that a particularly hard day is approaching, make a plan with friends or family and walk through that day with encouragement!
  5. Be kind and inviting. Invite trustworthy people to share in your vulnerability. Don’t be afraid to share your emotions with a friend. Find creative ways to spend time with your closest friends!

Don’t forget to listen to the podcast. You don’t want to miss the advice Lacey and Angela offer if you dread Valentine’s Day. Let’s make this a day to enjoy so we do not find ourselves wishing for a life we don’t have.