Rebecca Jowers, my guest this week on The Bearing Life™, serves as the executive director of Poiema Foundation, an organization that educates the public and raises awareness to prevent conditions that foster sex trafficking and other methods of exploitation.

Rebecca’s passion for rescuing women and children from sexual abuse and exploitation developed over time and became the catalyst for her life’s work.

Through the Poiema Foundation, sexually abused and exploited people receive safe, long-term housing and trauma-informed care in an environment where they experience restoration and unconditional love.

In addition, Poiema offers training opportunities to educate individuals and groups about the realities of sex trafficking. They have a variety of volunteer opportunities as well.

Be aware that human trafficking happens everywhere and can occur in your neighborhood.

Rebecca’s desire to help vulnerable populations resulted in meaningful steps toward creating Poiema Foundation and encouraging us in our lives:

  • Pay attention and research the things that get your attention and opportunities that cross your path. What pulls your heartstrings? Where do you see a need? Can you fill that need? Rebecca knew she felt called to help women and children dealing with suffering and trauma. She needed to find ways to help people locally.
  • Step out in faith and see where it leads. Share your goals with others and engage in conversations about what you discover.
  • Look for people who invite others into mentoring relationships or volunteer opportunities. Many stand ready to share their expertise and wisdom.
  • Pass it on. Reach out to offer encouragement to others doing similar work and create a network of support.

For more about internet safety, the ICAC offers additional resources to educate yourself and your children.

(Photo Credit: Angie Gill)