Grief can creep up on us and any unexpected trauma can trigger deep feelings within. When we watch our friends face this experience, we struggle to know what help we can provide and how best to support them. In my conversation with Ann Golding on The Bearing Life® Podcast, we share how you can assist in coming alongside to help move the boulder of grief and give an immense amount of help to those working through and processing their loss and emotions.

How to help your friend experiencing grief

1. Offer practical help. Your sacrificial support provides more care than you may know. If you can offer the commitment, let your friend know your availability to help at a moment’s notice.

2. Don’t put the burden on them. Express the help you plan to provide. Offer to bring dinner, watch the kids, take care of their laundry. When you ask them what help they need it creates an added burden to make another decision. Instead, take that responsibility from them and provide the needs of the moment.

3. Simply offer your presence and willing availability. Many times, the best support you can offer is to show up and sit with them. You don’t even have to say a thing!

4. When your family member or friend experiences the loss of someone, don’t fear saying their name. When people pass away, their loved ones want to hear their names and share stories as a way to value and honor them and to treasure special memories. Each conversation can bring a little more peace, comfort, and healing.

Supporting others through these practical acts provides an immense amount of help in processing the journey of grief. As Ann said, “You never get over it, you just get used to it.”

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