Valentine’s Day arrives in a few days.

That means countless flowers will be delivered to offices and homes on Friday.

I spent many years as a single dreading every ding of the office door as fragrant deliveries arrived. Flowers, candy, balloons, stuffed animals galore.

All. Day. Long.

If you are not looking forward to Friday, please be encouraged.

Your life and identity are not defined by whether or not you receive a lovely vase filled with roses. Your value cannot be represented by a day or a token. Your value is immeasurable.

So, this Valentine’s Day, if you are single and feeling lonely, plan a celebration of life.

Your life.

Your friends and family.

Your uniqueness.

Make a plan with friends or family for fun activities to experience together. Treat yourselves to a meal out or gather in someone’s home and create a meal together. Time spent together is a worthy investment with long-term life benefits. Make memories with treasured people in your world.

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers from the market to create a cheery spot inside your living space. Purchase a plant from a nursery to put in your garden or flower pots. Enjoy these for months not just a day or two.

Turn your floral expectation into a life bouquet with memories that last far more than just a day.

You’re worth it.