Years ago, my core community and friendship circles included two couples who proved invaluable to my infertility journey. This week on The Bearing Life™ Podcast I talk with two of the husbands in that group to hear about each one’s perspective and their story of walking through infertility.

Each couple experienced very different outcomes and each discovered how God unfolded wonderful plans in their lives and years together.

Come meet my friends, Tony and Scott, and hear their unique stories. We share, laugh, explore ideas, and discuss the male infertility experience in a way you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

During the podcast, each of my guests points out they have never heard the other’s story or how they walked the path of infertility with their wives. In general, we find that men turn internally and don’t share their walk with others. They take this burden on their own. This week, we are shedding light on the male experience with infertility.

Thursday, October 15th, is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I invite you to share this post and the podcast post on Wednesday on your social media feeds and tag: #TheBearingLife, #PAIL, and @drjulieshannon.

The information and our conversation might open the door for husbands and wives to dialogue, seek out couples who’ve been in similar situations, and specifically offer men a unique opportunity to know they are not alone in the infertility terrain.

I look forward to being with you on Wednesday!