I had so much fun with my friend Jennifer on the podcast this week. We really are young at heart and love looking back at what started our friendship long ago and how we’ve journeyed through life. Even though we’ve lived in different places, had different careers, and periods of time when we lost touch for a while, our friendship foundation stayed solid.

Through all of life, we’ve loved one another well and known the other person had our back no matter what and no matter what miles separated us.

As we travel life’s roads, who are the friends who make up our different circles? The people in our inner circle, another circle for friends we know well but don’t have ongoing contact, an acquaintance circle, etc. Let’s be intentional about growing friendships, maintaining key relationships, nurturing and reaching out, and making time to put energy and effort into caring about each other.

We all need those people we share life with, support each other, help each other persevere, hold one another accountable in healthy ways, sing, and laugh together. Be each other’s cheerleader to choose joy and walk through tough times to know we are not alone!