I’m still amazed by Neil Tomba’s big dream and journey, aren’t you? In case you missed the podcast episode, we talked about his June 2019 trip across the US, from Santa Monica, CA to Annapolis, MD, pedaling his bicycle (33 days, 3,000 miles) accompanied by his co-riders, and team in two vehicles.

What a dream that actually began 18 years before, in the mountains of Colorado.

So often we can have a dream and tell ourselves no, over and over. Then, as we pay attention, we might see God putting people in our path or events taking place that direct us back to that small nugget of affirmation for the larger dream.

Trying a dream requires our saying yes and each step we take toward the dream can continue to affirm the direction or maybe cause us to stop and reconsider.

What can we do to take practical steps in the process of affirmation or reconsidering?

  • Pray about how we are wired and things we feel passionate about in life.
  • Pay attention to the people God puts in our path and unfold events or information we encounter that leads in an affirming direction toward accomplishing the dream.
  • Gather supportive people around us. We all need friends who offer truth in love. Some may jump in to cheerlead what we pursue and bring others along, some might put up a stopping hand. Even the negative can provide us with vital information to keep going, take a detour, or maybe give a hard pass to that pursuit.

Even when we know we are headed in the right direction we can still face some opposition and challenges. Again, we need to reach out to others for counsel, wisdom, and support.

As Neil put it so well, let’s keep pedaling and remember to give ourselves permission to know that we need more help than we think we do: make that phone call, meet with a friend, mentor, or counselor. Reach out to others. We aren’t meant to pedal alone and we must equip ourselves with the ways and people to make it through.

Above all else, know that God is smiling with every effort we make towards the dream. When we find ourselves overwhelmed by the task or journey at hand, remember the wisdom Neil offered that we can apply to any aspect of life: to be present in the moment and keep taking one more pedal stroke. One more pedal stroke. “How many pedal strokes across the country? Probably a million. Each pedal stroke matters. Little moments, I’m here in this second. I’m going to be present and get to the next one. I don’t know what happens after that. I’m going to do this in this minute.”

Let’s do everything we can to be present in the moment and take one more pedal stroke.