The carved heart in the small aspen trunk fascinated me. Who carved it and why? I knew a little about the former homeowner, but since she had long since passed on, there was no one to ask. So my busy mind created lots of different scenarios about the who and why of this sign of affection.

I love good love stories – in songs, movies, books, or real life! They give me hope for a future one of my own, they encourage all of us in our struggles, they inspire us in our dedication to living a legacy of love through family, friends, and community.

As a follow-up to our singleness episode before Valentine’s Day, I wanted to have a conversation with a dear friend and mentor about his parents and their love story. You see, he previously shared with me a little of his family background and what an incredible legacy his parents left him and his siblings. How the trials and tribulations of both of their lives led to dedication and love to one another and their own family. A beautiful story of overcoming, bearing life burdens well, and bearing incredible fruit through their family and beyond.

I took this picture of the heart carved in the aspen trunk just before it was taken down.

You see, disease had taken over several trees and there came a time when it could no longer stand. The tree company saved that section of trunk for me, but over time, even that couldn’t be preserved. So, I look at this picture and think fondly of that tree. It also reminds me that I/we have opportunities to build into the lasting love legacy we pass on – through all the people in our lives. We don’t have to wait for the “right person” to give our love. We can love others well in our family and friend circle. We can offer love through compassion, dignity, respect, and service in our community and even online. We can build into a legacy of love that continues on and on and on when we love God and love one another.

(Seriously, I’m singing Pass It On in my head right now…)

Join us on The Bearing Life® Podcast this week to hear Dr. Willie O. Peterson’s story of the family legacy of love his parents passed on to him, his siblings, all of their families, and others in their lives. Thanks for listening, sharing, and for your encouragement!

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