This remains one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever visited. I remember stopping and sitting there, soaking in the mountain majesty before capturing it digitally and moving on to experience a harrowing off-road mountain pass.

When I reflect on big life dreams, something like this picture comes to mind. The awesome, overwhelming size and beauty of God’s creation where we can gain perspective, release stress, grab inner peace, and take time and space to let our minds wander and creatively dream.

What do we do when we have a mountain-sized dream and we keep saying no or think we aren’t capable of conquering and accomplishing the dream? (Sometimes even smaller dreams feel insurmountable, too!)

Join us on the Bearing Life® Podcast this week. I have a conversation with my pastor and friend, Neil Tomba. He shares about his 18-year dream—how it began, where God brought people and events together, and how the dream became reality in his life.

Neil offers us wisdom and insight to dream big, say yes, and persevere! I know you’ll be encouraged in your own life dreams!

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